Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Konstanz Chronicles

Awhile ago, I started a series of posts about the time I visited my best friend in Germany, and the two of us got stuck for about a week with a crazy guy, who later wrote me a very angry e-mail regarding a debt of 12 Euros. I didn't get very far--I believe I wrote one post which does not count as a series.
Anyway, I stopped writing about this because I realized I couldn't remember some of the days and details. I kept a journal during that week, so my plan was to locate that when I was back in NJ for the holidays and start writing.
I was convinced that I knew where that journal was. I can picture the shelf--picture the journal on the shelf....
It's not there.
I'm looking, but in the meantime, the Konstanz story will remain on hold.

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