Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Walk

My new roommate and I were walking home from brunch today--a scenic walk past colorful houses and gardens--and encountered two men working on a car. We said hello and how are you as we approached them. The older (grandpa-aged) of the two looked up from his work and said, "When I saw green coming this way, I thought, 'Girl Scouts!'"
(We were both wearing green jackets.)
He continued, "But you're too old to be Girl Scouts!"
We laughed, saying things like, "Yup, we're not Girl Scouts."
He said, "No, not Girl Scouts, just a couple of Oregon girls!"
We waited until we were a few houses away to both whisper excitedly:
"I'm so glad he called us that!"
"He called us Oregon girls!"

(It was our first time!)

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