Saturday, November 14, 2009

Three days overdue

I meant to write on Wednesday.
I went to a cafe that supposedly had wireless, and when they didn't, I just mapped out a blog post while drinking some coffee. (I looooooove Stumptown coffee. So much that I think I'm going to buy a pound to bring back with me for the holidays. I don't know if I can live without it for that long.)
Anyway, I was drafting a post in my head as I walked home, planning to write as soon as I got in the door and to an Internet connection.
But then my friend called, and my roommate came home, and I was making soup. We ate dinner together, then we walked to a neighborhood bar we've been meaning to check out, then some people invited us to hang out with them...and that was the end of my good record with NaBloPoMo.
I took a lot of photos on my walk on Wednesday. When it got too dark for my camera, I tried to take notes in my head of what I was seeing. Mostly fall foliage. What's nice is that in these neighborhoods in Portland, what people plant is so varied. This makes the fall color varied, too. Not that I mind the Northeast with its rows of street trees. What reminded me of that was a patch of gingko. Just a patch. The entire street wasn't lined with gingkos. There was just grouping of four--three in a row, separated by a telephone pole (with branches leaning against it from a large yard tree, creating the illusion that the telephone pole IS a tree), and then a fourth on its own.
I love gingko trees. I love them because they are taxonomically interesting (pre-flowering; a monotypic genus; unique leaf shape) and because they are beautiful to me. I don't care if they are common. I don't care if they are thin little things lining an ugly city street (or a nice one, in Portland's case) or if they are giants in a botanical garden. I love them! I like the way their leaves travel along the branches and bunch up at the end--on the skinny street trees, at least. They look like children's fists, holding toys or beach sand or something. In the fall they are so yellow!
In Portland, the nights can be very blue. The sky is dark blue and because of all the clouds, I never see any stars. There are always lights though--from businesses, from streetlights, from cars. (That's when I remember I live in a city.) The leaves of the gingko are lit up, this bright, glowing YELLOW against the dark blue darkness. I love it!

More later.

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