Friday, November 20, 2009

So much for NaBloPoMo

I am overwhelmed as I write this.
I'm packing to go back to NJ for a bit and it is making me crazy. Since I'll be away from Portland for awhile, there are all sorts of things I won't get to do and wish I could do and of course, I couldn't cram everything in.
For example, I wanted to get my film developed. Fred Meyer has 1 hour photo; however, it's cheaper to get lots of rolls of film developed at once (if you put them on one CD like I do) and so I've been saving film for awhile. Then it doesn't take an hour anymore; it takes about a day. (Which is still great.) Going to Fred Meyer and dropping off my film (filling out something like fifteen envelopes) and then making time to go tomorrow, before going to the airport--that had to get crossed off the list.
(Arrangements to move into a new place...again...such as changing my address with various accounts and things like that...also took a lot of time. The past two weeks have been filled with a lot of waiting on line and waiting on hold.)
Anyway, writing every day was something I had to cross off the list to keep from getting overwhelmed.

I had a realization yesterday that despite being an overwhelming week, this week was something else rare.................................DRAMA FREE.

Yes, that's right. It was a week of no drama.

Last week was pretty low-drama too. It was just dealing with residual drama from something else.

What did I do during my week of no drama?
On Sunday, my roommate and I went to a friend's for brunch. Our friend made pancakes and I made hash browns. My roommate helped. (She always says that she can't cook, but she helps.) Afterwards, something else good happened but I can't remember! The day ended with the two of us going to a friend's house for dinner. It was a very large, relaxed dinner party. On Monday, we went out for drinks in the evening--happy hour at a dive-y bar we'd never been to before--with a bunch of our friends, plus some guy I was meeting for a blind date. That could have been disastrous, I know, but it was not. Everyone had fun. Then we got DECENT PIZZA; then three of us went to a coffeehouse which shall not be named because I had crappy coffee and we had terrible service. The waitress was so bitchy that it was funny. On Tuesday I had a lunch date. On Wednesday, I had another date. Then one of my friends came over, we ran some errands together, I made dinner, and finally, the evening ended with a Stitch and Bitch at my new favorite knitting store, Happy Knits. (After saying the name several times, I realized it sounds like "HappyNESS." Oooohhhhhhh.) It reminds me a lot of Down Cellar in Basking Ridge, NJ. Friendly, helpful staff; great selection; minimum of weirdos or knitting snobs.
On Thursday, my roommate and I got brunch at Toast, a place in SE Portland we'd heard a lot about. It was great! I put in a couple of hours volunteering at the botanical garden where I worked this summer, and then in the evening, we went to the Lloyd Center Mall. The purpose of this trip was to see the midnight showing of the new Twilight movie.
What?! Yeah, I know, not something I would normally do. But it was fun!
Today I am supposed to be Christmas shopping and packing and getting stuff done; we're going out tonight for my "last hurrah" (even though I am coming back to Portland); and finally, tomorrow, I am taking a guy out to lunch (because he's taken me out to some nice places, so I decided it's my turn!) and then finally, in the early evening, my roommate is taking me to the airport. I have an overnight flight to Newark.

(In between all the social activities has been errands and other To Do List items; for example, I've been sort of arranging the dates to be in parts of town where I needed to go to pick things up. Maybe I should just start taking dates to Fred Meyer and the post office.)

So, no drama, but now you see why there's been no writing, either.

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