Saturday, November 07, 2009


I'm just going to post some thoughts while I'm waiting for a shuttle to take me to the airport.
I don't have to be outside waiting for the shuttle for another hour. I have another hour in Honolulu, but I don't want to go anywhere because I will get stressed out about not getting back in time. There's so much to see--just standing on the street in this city is nice--but I can see that from the window of my airport shuttle. Besides, I'm coming back here someday.
I actually didn't see much of Honolulu's sights. We rented a car almost every day, so we actually saw more of the rest of the island than Honolulu itself. We never quite adjusted to Hawaiian time; we would wake up around 5 or 6 in the morning, eat breakfast as soon as IHOP opened, rent a car at about 7, and then drive somewhere. The car had to be back at 7pm, so we'd come back to Honolulu to return the car, eat dinner, and be asleep between 9 and 10. Basically, we were active during the daylight hours. Sometimes I think that is my ideal schedule. I used to wake up very early. For years, I would regularly wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning and be very active. I am not sure when I started running on an 8am-midnight schedule, but I miss the mornings.
So anyway, because there's still so much to see in Honolulu alone, I want to come back to Oahu. A lot of people told me that this was the lame Hawaiian island, I guess because it's so developed, so a lot of what you see is the same as any American city. You don't get to see the exotic, wild Hawaii that people imagine. But when the plane landed and I saw the skyline stretching right out to a beautiful beach with unbelievably blue water, green mountains in the background and drifting, misty clouds (because I landed in the rain), I was happy. People describe the less developed areas as "real Hawaii," but the busy city, where most residents of Hawaii currently live--isn't that real Hawaii too? It is to me!

- - - - - - -

So, I titled this "NaBloPoMo" and haven't yet explained what that is. I wrote previously about National Novel Writing Month. Yesterday I learned that November is also National Blog Posting Month. Since I've been in Hawaii as of November 2nd, and since November 1st wasn't the tranquil day I had planned, I wouldn't say I've fallen off the NaNoWriMo wagon. I never really got on. Also, I didn't want to write a novel; I just wanted to write. Is a set number of words necessary? No! I really wanted to get back in the habit of writing things down, but also editing them. I didn't want to shoot for maximum words. I am wordy enough. My goal is to go through everything I write (stories, blog posts, and e-mails) and edit them down. This post is not an example of that. But in general, I've started going through most of the things I write and asking myself, "Is all of this necessary?" I ask, "What is the purpose of this paragraph?" and then "Is that purpose clear?" If it were on paper, I would underline all of the words that contribute to that purpose. If too much fluff is left, I start cutting things out.

I've always had a thing for clarity--for getting people to understand exactly what I am trying to tell them. Since misunderstandings can lead to such trouble. I think I became such a wordy person because I was always trying to get my precise meaning out. I finally realized, maybe a couple of years ago, that all those extra words don't contribute to my meaning because no one hears them. They either tune out what I'm writing/saying, or all those extra words just create more things for people to misinterpret.

So if I'm trying to get a point across, not necessarily tell a story in sequential order, I say, "Can this be said in three sentences or less?"

- - - - - - -

Anyway, my plan for "NaNoWriMo" was to just write the stories/thoughts I've been planning to write about for awhile. I have a list on my computer (not just on paper) of Things to Write/Blog About. I guess I was going to aim for the word count, or something. NaBloPoMo fits so much better with this. Plus, I don't have to go to meetings with people writing fan fiction. I might still go to write-ins and not tell anyone I'm really doing NaBloPoMo...the OTHER writing month.

Anyway, time to catch my plane!


LS said...

Have you read the book Consequences? I love it. I would send it to you if it was mine to send

I am glad you loved Hawaii, I did too! And Maui, Big Island and Kauai are so much nicer than Oahu!!!

LS said...

PS. You are not getting away without telling us more about Hawaii! I know what you mean about people not hearing those extra words, only my husband hears them.