Sunday, November 08, 2009

I thought of something funny

So, I ended up leaving my apartment and packing for Hawaii in a hurry. Fortunately, I'd pre-packed a lot for Hawaii back in September. When it started getting cold and I was swapping sundresses for sweaters, I put a few sundresses and corresponding shows in a small suitcase.
Anyway, as a result of the hurry, the remainder of my packing was kind of erratic. I ended up bringing to Hawaii:

1 GPS (with no chargers)
2 laptops (not just one, or even none)
3 more pairs of underwear than necessary

I ended up NOT bringing to Hawaii:
A toothbrush
Toothpaste (aka baking soda)
More than one pair of socks
Regular hiking tank tops
A razor for shaving
Film for my camera
A book to read
Not even a magazine

The toothbrush was the worst thing to not have. All other toiletries I could share with my parents. So early in the trip, my parents and I went down to the ABC Store (I thought it would be like Hawaii's Fred Meyer, but it's about a tenth of the size. However, I think ABC may in fact carry as much crap as Fred a tenth of the space. It's kind of awesome.) to get Maui Onion potato chips, film, and a toothbrush. There was an entire wall of toothbrushes.

Children's toothbrushes.

I picked the one I could find without a Disney Princess-shaped handle.

When I took it out of the package, I realized it was tiny. It was a Crayola toothbrush.

Later, I realized that there was a GAME in the handle. Not a princess, but a game--a little plastic maze with tiny plastic beads rolling around.

So now I was thousands of miles from home with no socks, limited clothing, and a tiny toothbrush with game in the handle.

I guess I could have played with that instead of buying a book to read.

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