Sunday, November 29, 2009

Bridge Kitchenware

is a magical place.
I might have written about them before; I'll have to look.
Anyway, they've moved since I visited them in June. They are now located at 563 Eagle Rock Ave., Roseland, NJ. It's just a little further east (I think it's east?) of their June 13th location, which was on the same road but in East Hanover, just past the intersection with Ridgedale Ave. The store is larger now and better organized. They didn't have any pressure canners, but that's probably for the best because how would I ship a thing like that to Oregon?
My only complaint is that they don't list their prices on the items themselves. Their prices are great, of course, it's just that they range from 50 cents for a mustard spoon to way out of my budget. Everything looks like good quality to me, so I have no idea which is $5 and which is $50. (They have a quiche pan I am eyeing up that looks much nicer than the one I bought at Target--the one I hold responsible for this disaster--for half the price.) Anyway, they're not snobby, so I don't mind identifying myself as a hobbyist and not a real chef who either a) automatically knows which pans are $5 and which are $50 or b) doesn't care how much she pays for quality. I just ask.
Also, they have photos on the wall of Julia Child shopping at Bridge Kitchenware. I heard other customers exclaim, "It's Julia!" as if she were a friend. I think she kind of is everyone's friend.

I'll write more later. My mother needs help knitting a Mobius and my father is conversing with the Roomba.

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