Tuesday, October 06, 2009

When you find yourself identifying with Kate Gosselin...

I think a greater percentage of my negative thoughts--anxieties, fears, run-ins with creeps which I try to make entertaining, little mishaps which I try to make entertaining--get posted on here than my calm, happy thoughts.
So, in general things are fine. But this small instance is what I'm writing about:
Last night, I kept tossing and turning and waking up, partly because I've been finding spiders in my bed again (ew!) and partly because I was worrying about money.
I woke up tired, anxious, and with a sore throat. It's that time of year; I'm sure I'm getting a cold.
Later, I was making soup and watching reruns of The View on my computer and Kate Gosselin was being interviewed, talking about waking up in the middle of the night worrying about money. I thought, "I know exactly how you feel, Kate Gosselin!" Then I thought, I just identified with Kate Gosselin! Where is my life going?

(This feeling did not last all day.)

Anyway, here are some positive things going on. I had a great weekend, starting with Thursday night where I brought the rescued fig-and-prune cake.
Some of my roommate's family was visiting, because two of her sisters were running in the Portland Marathon on Sunday. The condo was crowded, but it was nice to have so many people around. It was really festive. We had a bunch of big dinners.
I'm still going on lots of dates and one of them, this weekend, went very well. Since I don't want to write about my dates on here yet, that's pretty much all I'll say. Actually, there's kind of an unconventional situation with that, so maybe I will write about that at some point.
A CD that I've had on hold at the library since I saw Harold and Maude three months ago finally came in for me. (I'm writing about watching The View and listening to Cat Stevens--I am 25, right?) That was nice.
On Sunday, I went to a farmers market about 40 blocks from my neighborhood--sounds far, but it's the closest one. Prior to that, I'd been going to the Downtown market which is the largest. However, it's the most expensive. I think the one I went to on Sunday was in a low-income neighborhood, because a lot of people were paying with food stamps and the prices were ridiculously low. It was awesome. I started to feel guilty, then I realized that I have no income right now and do in fact live east of Lents; therefore I belong there. Also, some of the stuff was so cheap because it was packaged in small groups--like a SMALL bunch of Swiss chard was $1. Instead of more Swiss chard than I could ever use being sold for $4. It was organic, too!
One of the best things that happened at the market was meeting volunteers from another botanical garden. A small public garden, hidden away in Southeast Portland (maybe a mile or two from my apartment), that's part of Portland Parks and Recreation, had a table at the market. I spent a long time talking with the people there. I am going to go there this week to talk to their Volunteer Coordinator. Apparently, a lot of people my age volunteer there, so I'll get to make some friends and also, have some more valuable experience so that this fall isn't a big blank spot on my resume. In addition to looking for jobs, I'm going to start filling my schedule with volunteer work, because it gets me out of the house and it's a good way to meet people who might some day find me a job.
I'll write about what I bought and what I make with it later.
There was a little cart selling cookies and sandwiches. I think it was Hawaiian food. For only $4, I got a big Kalua pork sandwich. It had "Asian" cole slaw on it and the bread was very sweet--more like cake than bread. I ended up eating half of it for breakfast on Monday.
The market was a really nice discovery.
On Monday I made a skirt. I also made a potato salad, and I want to type up the recipe soon.
Today I wore my new skirt. I made some boring phone calls, made soup, took a nap while my laundry was running, woke up feeling somewhat less ill, went to Fabric Depot (they were having a sale) and got MORE skirt fabric, went to Fred Meyer to buy cough drops and day-old bread (this is my new discovery--fancy bread in the day-old section for $1.29), came home, made more soup.
The soup I made was the newest posted on 101cookbooks.com--Garlic Soup. It was very easy and fantastic. I didn't use any of the green herbs that the recipe called for, because I didn't have them, and I think it doesn't need them. I felt the need to share this because it's not expensive to make, uses stuff that I almost always have in the house, was easy and fast, and was great sick-person soup. All that garlic should help! I recommend that recipe!

Tomorrow I am going to another fabric store (I'm making respectable work clothes, okay!?), finishing the rest of my errands and phone calls, and going to dinner with some women from a Portland Meetup group at a place that has $5 dinner specials.

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