Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things that are stressing me out

Packing and moving
Other things I have planned in the middle of moving and packing (social commitments)
Paperwork related to my unemployment claim (everything's fine, it's just confusing. And they spelled my name wrong. At least they got my social right. They got that wrong on my tax paperwork last year. Of all things.)
Paperwork related to declaring residency here--if I want to do that
Figuring out what kind of paperwork (if any) I need to fill out with respect to my car legally being in Oregon
Do I have to get a new drivers license?

I could do all this stuff with my current address, for which I have lots of documentation that counts as "proof of residency," and then fill out change of address forms later--or I could wait until things like bank statements arrive at my door. I don't know.

On a side note, some of the jobs I'm applying for require official transcripts, but they're only open for a couple of days, which isn't enough time for me to have my university send the transcripts. I requested they send me two copies that I can keep for myself--one to refer to and an extra to mail out.
They sent me one envelope. It's either one transcript or it's both in the SAME envelope. I can't open the envelope, or they both become unofficial. I suppose it's my fault for not being more specific, but ... wouldn't it be obvious that if I'm requesting TWO of something, I want two SEPARATE things?

Just writing it out makes me less stressed.

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LS said...

Never assume someone is smart and/or knows what you think. It is nice if you do, but you can never be sure. Especialy if they work in an office or drug store, or some other places ruled by rules and lack of responsibility. Sorry, couldn't help post this after recent experiences especially with drug stores...