Thursday, October 01, 2009

Something I think about a lot

One of my clearest memories of high school is from the fall. My parents and I had been invited by MIT to attend some kind of information session and we-want-you event in New Jersey. It conflicted with something I had to do for school. I asked my teacher if I could miss that thing (an orientation of some kind), and accept the invitation from MIT. He said that he would prefer I did not, and if I was actually considering MIT, things would be different. "You're not going to be a scientist, anyway." His exact words were something like that.
I have no idea why he said that. I have no idea why I came across that attitude all the time in high school. I could say it was because I was a girl. But there were girls in my school who weren't discouraged from their interest in science. Was it because I was also good at English, because I was editor-in-chief of the literary magazine, and it was just easier to keep me in the Humanities box?

This comes up every once in awhile and I wonder about it. I wonder if students--male or female--face this kind of attitude today. Whatever it is.

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PP said...

No, I experienced this ALL THE TIME in my high school as did all my friends. My "guidence counselor" and boy do I use that term loosely told me and my mother that I was best suited to a trade school and Definitely not college. Now I have nothing against that and in fact probably would have enjoyed and excelled at it, but in then end wound up with a masters in design. My mother got great pleasure in a chance meeting with the counselor years later and telling him of what I had done with my life. My school friends experiences were very similar to my own.
If this is still going on I have no idea...but I am fairly certain that it is...