Thursday, October 22, 2009

Salad colors

Earlier today I had brunch with my friend from Michigan. She is a heavy Midwestern accent which I have described as "enchanting." I usually think it's a strange accent, but she is very sweet and fun and there's just something about the way she says words.
Anyway, we were talking about blankets today and she said, "They make them in leopard print now. You know, not just salad colors."
I nodded, although in my head I was asking, "What the hell is a salad color?"
"Like blue or green."
"Uh huh," I said, pretending to know why blue and green were salad colors.
She continued, "Anyway, I wouldn't want one in leopard print of course! I would just want a salad color!"
We continued talking and finally it hit me, a little later, what she was saying.
Not salad color. That accent!

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LS said...

I imagined a solid spring green color.... :)