Saturday, October 24, 2009

An idea for a short story

I ended up telling my Midwestern friend about the Salad Colors incident--meaning, that when she was talking about solid-colored Snuggies, what I heard was "salad colors." I believe I originally wrote in this story that she was talking about "blankets," because it was a secret that she kind of wants a Snuggie. But then at a party last night, she announced to a roomful of people that she wanted a Snuggie. The secret was out. No one unfriended her. Anyway, I told her about the salad colors thing, but that I figured it out and thought it was funny in a good way. I can't remember what she said exactly, but it was some comment about the story. Then she changed the subject to the beer we had brought to the party.
As we were walking into the party, my Midwestern friend told me, "I think we need battle openers."
Oh. Bottle openers.
Wouldn't life be so interesting, so much more dramatic, if it were as my Midwestern friend pronounces it? (Or rather, as East Coast people hear the words my Midwestern friend pronounces. Obviously our way isn't the right way.) Winter days would be clad in Salad Snuggies and parties would be full of Beer Battles.

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