Friday, October 16, 2009

Here comes novel writing month!

As National Novel Writing Month approaches, I want to write something fictional on here. There's a story idea I have (for a novel or for short stories; I'm not really sure) but I've been reluctant to post most of my material for it on this blog, because I use my real name and my photo and my parents or someone who knows them could read this blog. And aspects of the story would be Not for Children.
BUT this blog is a good place to write and to get feedback and some of the things that really happened in my life, that I've written about here, would weave into this novel well. So I'll probably post FICTION FICTION FICTION before each post that's part of that novel/story/whatever.
So, the idea is to write about something bad and try to make it funny. Truthful, but funny. The main character's history will include an abusive relationship, and maybe I'll write about that, too. Obviously, the abusive relationship is not the funny part. But what happens in her life afterwards is where I want to include the humor--how she lives her life afterwards, deals with the aftermath of an abusive relationship, and how she tries to rebuild a normal adult romantic life.
Comments are welcome, on this idea and on any writing that I do towards that. (It will be tagged FICTION FICTION FICTION and probably NOT FOR CHILDREN.)
I'll probably start this on October 19th.

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