Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Good News Wednesday Update

I have been unemployed for three weeks now. I may have only written about this cryptically, because for a little while, I felt like a failure. Like my whole Moving to Portland Experiment was a failure and I didn't want anyone to know. This is not the case, of course. A lot of good things are happening. Specifically, some happened today.

* I'm moving to a new apartment in my favorite favorite part of Portland. I got the keys today and am writing, at this moment, as I procrastinate packing.
* I made a really cool skirt. It is blue jean, with gold sparkles on it, and the bottom four inches is orange Dia de los Muertos fabric with flowers and skulls...and gold glitter. Doesn't it sound terrible? It's really flashy, but I think I love it.
* Until I find a new job (or even while I'm working) I'm going to volunteer at a botanical garden in Portland. I think I'm going to be a tour guide. This garden reminds me of the good things about the garden I worked at in New Jersey. In an earlier draft of this post, I started to ramble about the people I missed there and whom I haven't written to so they probably don't know I'm still thinking about them, and then I started to write about specific plants that I miss...some Japanese maples, many witch-hazels, some Metasequoia...
* Also, something related to money that I realized I'm not sure I want to post on my blog just yet. Basically, it equals me not going broke while I look for work.

On a different note, I'm learning about regional botanists of Oregon right now, and in my NJ life, I learned about regional botanists of NJ. I mean, botanists that aren't alive anymore, who aren't well-known (not necessarily at least) outside of their region anymore, but are still important to American botany as a whole. I'm really interested in this and I wonder if there's a research/writing opportunity here. I mean, other people probably care about this, right?

I'm going to write some entertaining stories soon. As soon as I get a box ready.

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