Thursday, October 08, 2009

Gone Platinum

My health insurance application just got approved like, two minutes ago. Yay!!!!!!!!! I now have the privilege of having money billed to my credit card once a month starting on October 15th.
It costs like, 1/3 of the costs of a similar plan in New Jersey.
Anyway, it's the PLATINUM plan and I feel like that sounds so fancy. It makes me think of...bling or something. Like when I get my insurance card in the mail, it will be encrusted with rhinestones. When I take it out to pay at the doctor's office (I guess this means I have to FIND a doctor in Portland), I'll whip the car out of my wallet real fast and there will be this flash of light and everyone will go, "AAAHHHH!!!!!"


LS said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Do you know what I am happy about today? Homemade pizza, nobel's peace prize, and that I am making French onion soup for lunch tomorrow.

LS said...

PS. Do you read the comments on your blog? Just wondering :)