Wednesday, October 21, 2009


That's what someone told me today that I should call it. Not unemployed, funemployed. Also, I think I might be eligible for some scholarships/grants to get a teaching license--and if that's the case, I am so doing that. I think that is "approved job training."
Today I went to brunch with someone who regularly takes another woman to the same restaurant. I didn't know this when we first got there, but noticed that the waiter kept staring at me, really openly, really blatantly. I thought, "Maybe he's socially awkward, or maybe he thinks I'm cute." Then I was informed that the waiter just has waited on the same guy, with a different girl, many times. I wonder if he was judging. In any case, why stare at me!? I was really tempted to mess with him somehow, like...I don't know what, flirt with him or something. (I'm not very good at coming up with ways to mess with people, apparently.)
In other news, I went to Pok Pok tonight with a Meetup group and it was fun, but I am so disappointed. I've heard so much about Pok Pok and it was kind of a letdown. The food was fine. The service was so terrible. I have no idea how their cocktails (which sound really interesting--Kaffir lime gin and tonic, for example, or Tamarind Whiskey Sour) are because I never got the drink I ordered. I asked three times. I asked for my takeout container twice. I did eventually get that. If I didn't, I was going to steal the damn dish. I guess I'll start keeping a Pyrex in my purse. I wondered if I was just being treated badly, but then another person at our table got charged for a drink she didn't get, so I felt a little better knowing I wasn't just being singled out for some bizarre reason.
Tomorrow I'm going to Cup and Saucer.
I'm doing productive things with my life, not just going to restaurants, but those aren't fun to write about.

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