Thursday, October 01, 2009


Or Clafoutis Carnage.
This clafoutis looks beautiful, doesn't it?

This evening, I'm going to a barbecue hosted by a girl who moved to Portland at the same time I did. I think that it's mostly going to be a gathering of new-in-town women. She would like us all to bring something to contribute to dinner.
I could have brought ice cream or potato salad with sauce gribiche (sort of standby for picnics/potlucks) but nooooooooooo. I thought I'd use this as an excuse to try one of my recently bookmarked recipes. Especially since figs are in season and I got some at the farmers market. I thought this would be a good excuse to try Fig and Goat Cheese Clafoutis. With fresh figs AND Italian prune-plums.
Why is this a bad idea?
Because I can't bake.
Everything was FINE. I made the batter last night. I cut the figs and prunes without cutting my fingers. I didn't spill anything or commit any other acts of negligence.
My only crime was trusting my stupid quiche pan.
I hate that pan.
I know it has a tendency to leak, so I put tinfoil on the rack. After some time, I smelled burnt food. I thought perhaps it was some pizza dough that fell on the bottom of the oven during a previous use, that my roommate and I had forgotten to fish out once the oven cooled. Oh well.
After twenty minutes, I opened the oven door to check on my clafoutis's progress. This is what I saw:

A HUGE percentage of cake dough leaked from the bottom of the quiche pan, overwhelmed the tinfoil barrier, and pooled in the bottom of the stove.
I turned it off, opened all the window and the back door, and waited for the smoke to subside.

The clafoutis was not fully baked.
Now what!? I cannot leave the oven a mess and have nothing to bring to this party!
I stuck a cast iron skillet on the rack under the clafoutis to catch any more dough. I let the oven cool, and then grabbed the largest, longest knife I could find. Using it like a spatula, I scraped the dough off the bottom of the oven. It came loose easily. But now it was piled in the back of the oven. The knife wasn't very good at flinging it forward.
The only other non-meltable non-catch-on-fire-able implement I could find was a potato masher. I used that to grab the runaway dough. With the oven clean (and a new dough-catcher in place) I could bake the rest of that damn clafoutis.

Here is a photograph of the carnage. Just look at that!

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PP said...

does not look too bad...on another note it;s nice to see some pictures among all the text!