Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things seem to be falling into place in a weird way all of a sudden. I had something more profound to say when I thought to myself, "Let me open a window," and now I can't remember.
I just came back from a trip downtown. I went to an information session with the Graduate School of Education at PSU. I think I walked away with some sense of clarity.
Also, yesterday, through a strange string of events, I learned about a potential job opportunity. I have no real reason to believe that I will be hired OR have a great experience there, except that the way things happened made it feel like fate. It's almost like, if I didn't choose to go to dinner with a random guy that night, and then go to the yarn store that night, and happen to be wearing the dress I made which sparked a conversation with that particular person about her particular place of work that is hiring...

Oh, a rambling side note. I recently made a dress. It is the first real sewing project that I've done in a long, long time. I got so many compliments on this dress, from people with whom I was actually interacting and from random strangers--a waitress and random people on the street.
This says two things to me. One, that people in Portland are really, really nice. Two, that this dress looks really good. It's really nice to get compliments like that! I'm totally going to make more dresses now!

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