Sunday, September 27, 2009

Successful Weekend

Why Friday was a Success:
1. I went to Fred Meyer.
2. I applied, in person, for a job at the school district near me. I am thinking about teaching for awhile, so this was an accomplishment.
3. I suggested on my Meetup group message board that some people get together for drinks, and a few of us did. It was so much fun, I got to see a new part of town, and I met some really nice, interesting people.

Why Today was a Success:
1. I got an awesome, inexpensive haircut.
2. I talked to one of my friends on Skype.
3. I got some stuff at Powell's that was on my shopping list.
4. I had a dessert date that was fun and got to try a new place in Portland. It was an actual patisserie, just like in France!

My Sunday plans involve sewing and shopping and then going to see Vaux's Swifts. These are birds, not an indie rock group.

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