Thursday, September 03, 2009

Pink Lemon

Some long blog posts are way overdue. The past three weeks or so have been very busy and I haven't had time to write. I'm also behind on reading blogs and on reading and writing e-mails.
I've been keeping a list of stories and things to write about. I'll begin, someday soon, or at least posting that list so you know what's coming.
I have to go to the lab soon, so just a quick note. I bought a pink lemon yesterday. Circumstances worked out so that I found myself in front of a New Seasons with time to kill, and even though I didn't have my shopping list I miraculously remembered most of the things I needed (this never happens.) Somehow I managed not to spend a lot of money--$11! (New Seasons is a very expensive store. By NJ standards, it's just like, "Oh, this is kind of like Whole Foods." But then I went to Safeway and realized that compared to other Oregonian grocery prices, the ones at New Seasons are REALLY high. Like Whole Foods, however, they have some good deals or stuff you don't mind paying a lot for. Like their delicious sourdough bread.) ANYWAY.
So, I needed limes and lemons and as I was trying to wade through "Organic Meyer Lemons" to "Cheapskate's Conventionally Grown Regular Lemons" I saw a sign for PINK lemons. They are actually green- and yellow-striped on the outside, but one was cut open for display. It was totally pink on the inside. I grabbed the tiniest one I could find (since I was paying by the pound) and am kind of excited about trying it. These are the things that brighten up my life--breaking routine to check out something new and small. And it probably cost me less than a dollar, especially since the cashier rung up the lemon as a tomatillo.
I'll update you (with photos, if I can get this dang camera phone to work) on the results of the Pink Lemon Taste Test.

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