Saturday, September 05, 2009

Making the most of unemployment

(Actually, I am currently employed.)
Last night, I got an e-mail about flight specials from PDX to various places in the US. One of them is Hawaii. As usual, I went to delete the e-mail, thinking, "Oh, I could never do this, even if I can afford it, how can I set aside the time?" And then I realized...I do have the time. At a certain point in the fall, I will have NO commitments. (Even if I get another job, I can tell them, "I already have this long weekend booked" and I doubt they'll say, "You're fired!") I no longer have to think, "I should save my vacation days for something better." I don't have any vacation days! And I'm no longer restricted by the bounds of the school year!
So I might go to Hawaii this fall. Conveniently during Portland's rainy season!

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