Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I don't feel like crap anymore

After a beer, two quesadillas, some reading, two episodes of Rhoda on Hulu, and several cups of tea, I feel better.
My bag is packed for Mount Hood tomorrow. I have an outfit laid out for my dinner plans (I hesitate to say "date") tomorrow evening. I have an outfit laid out for the information session I'm going to at PSU on Thursday. I have several plans for my life for the next twelve months.
Once I felt less crappy and more focused, I applied to a job. And then another. And then drafted a cover letter and completed a specialized resume for two more. (I am going to proofread those in the morning.) It's becoming addictive!

Despite the despair of my last post, I have not one but many plans.
I'm applying to jobs in the Portland area, of course. Should this not work out right away, I'm going to seriously look at PhD programs, because is there any reason to postpone this dream any longer?
I learned last week that there are going to be field positions available as early as January. This would mean potentially having to move to ANOTHER part of America. However, these are great positions so I am seriously considering this. And finally, I'm requesting information about Masters programs from schools in Portland and in New Jersey.
So, it goes like this: Look for a job in Portland; if that doesn't work, look for a field position in January. In the meantime check out/apply to PhD programs. If none of these work out, go get a Masters degree.
The January thing is only five months long, so I could even do that AND get a Masters from PSU...this program starts in July.

See how organized I am? If only I could convince myself of this!

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