Monday, September 14, 2009

From a sticky note

I just wrote a ramble that needs to get edited down, and I want to at least post Part One of Clayton and Sarah's Washington Adventure (which I started writing at least a week ago), so to get started, here's a list I've been keeping on my desktop of Things to Write About in Blog:

1. How Mt. Hood is like the steeple of the church on Suydam Street

2. Various field activities!!!! (at least list them all out.)

3. Collecting thistles on the coast - what the coast was like

4. Going to stupid Old Navy and stupid Bed Bath and Beyond in Gresham

5. Cool oregano pictures

6. Bouguereau--how I told Jamie his name sounded like Booger-o

7. Things keeping me from being a vegetarian

8. Cleavage ban/rack rights

9. Telling Ruthann that we can put a pillowcase over a cutting board instead of buying an ironing board - I think this one speaks for itself

10. How polite people are at bars

11. "Dem Vines"

12. Things that happened at Stevie's Wedding (under this I have notes like, "straw up nose." Aren't you INTRIGUED!?)

13. Crazy flight stuff on the way here (I'm not sure to which "here"--NJ or Portland--I was referring)

14. The Felony Flats Wal-mart (I could several posts on several things in Felony Flats...)

15. Two Bus Weirdos from Clayton and Sarah's Adventure in the Alberta Arts District

16. Bye Bye Bye Vegan Food and Cocktails ends there. Even though I have MORE bus weirdos I could tell you about. Brought to you by Felony Flats and the #72 Bus Line!

I hope to write all of these out before I lose the memory and these things become just vague scribblings on scraps of paper, leaving me scratching my head wondering just WHY, "Dress isn't vintage just stained," or "He had no feet and that's why he never let me turn the lights on" once seemed SO funny.

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LS said...

I want to hear all about why your are not a vegetarian, because I think I can totally relate.. :)