Sunday, August 09, 2009

Salad #7 is Amazing

This salad is an ingenious invention. (I know I linked to Crazy Aunt Purl and not Mark Bittman, but that's easier than scrolling through his list of 101.) I bet it would be good with lemon zest. I wonder how it would be with some cheese but I don't want to ruin it.


LS said...

:) We have the 101 salad list in the kitchen, and when Paul read this recipe he said "ouh, berries in a salad is not my thing...". I would try this though. I made salad 22, it was not a hit, but I brought it for lunch and maybe it should have been immediately.

We are making fried chicken tonight, with chinese dumplings from Sergeantsville General Store for appetizer. Yum! It is PP's birthday.

Sarah said...

The tart dressing offsets the sweetness of the berries, so it's not like, dessert. I am going to use more of this list I think, this summer. Happy Birthday to PP from me!