Friday, August 07, 2009

Big-Haired Jersey Girl Not in Jersey

This blog needs a masthead or something--some catchy new title about Big-Haired Jersey Girl being in...someplace different. Basically the title of this post, but CATCHIER. With some cartoonish picture of me standing in the rain or something (making my hair even bigger) and some very nice, tall, pointy evergreens and Mount Hood in the background. And what else is very Portlandic? People saying "pop" and "sack" and "freeway"?* And a speech bubble from me saying "dawg" and "cawffee" and "wawter." And whatever else I say that is apparently so funny! Um...and maybe some hippies...and beer or coffee...and a bicycle, even though I do not have one.

* "Soda," "grocery bag," and "highway," respectively.

1 comment:

LS said...

Just a comment - I think you already have normal hair. Or, as one of our books says: "Normal is just a setting on the dryer".

How about "The miscellaneous and random adventures of a Jersey Girl in the rest of the world"?