Sunday, July 12, 2009


So far, this weekend has been everything a weekend should be--in terms of relaxing at least. Yesterday, I spent a huge amount of time lounging, a good amount of time taking care of things on my to-do list, and I also had time to explore a new part of Portland. Today, I plan to continue in this pattern.
Some things I did include going to Fred Meyers for the first time--and I kind of liked it, because after going to Albertson's AND Rite Aid (and looking in Target and Safeway last week), Fred Meyers was the only store that had remotely what I was looking for.
If you care, it was Parissa Body Sugar (or whatever it's called.) Now, the last time I wrote about Parissa, someone from commented on my blog and told me where to find that product in the NYC area. However, I am now far, far away from NYC and its Duane Reades, so Parissa Person, if you're out there, reading my blog--where can I find the Body Sugar in the Portland Metro Area? I mean Portland, Oregon, not Portland, Maine. And what is this warming pan thing, because I do not have a microwave? Anyway, I settled for the hot wax, which you can heat on the stove and which also doesn't have yucky petroleum-derived stuff in it so that might be just as useful. Maybe I'll give my blog readers the full report later this week.

OK, so I visited the Portland staple, Fred Meyers. More on that later. I went to the bank. There, I cashed a check and had a lengthy conversation with the teller. I love that people out here are so friendly, they don't mind if I tell them my life story and they tell me theirs, too.* Not only am I not a weirdo, I'm not alone! I did some house-stuff that is boring to blog about. (I cleaned the BATHROOM! WOW.) I had a battle with contact paper. More on THAT later too I bet. I spent a lot of time on the Internet, like I'm doing now, because I think I was going through withdrawal. We only just got Internet on Thursday. I have a lot of blog-reading to catch up on.

I also went downtown to the PSU Farmers Market. I will write about that at length, as well. Since I drove there and had to pay for a whole day of parking, I decided to get my money's worth (by spending more money?) and walk down to Powell's City of Books. On my wandering way back to my car (yep, I got lost) I stopped at a yarn store. I didn't buy anything, but it was nice to look.

There are so many yarn stores in Portland. Another reason for the thing in my *footnote.

Powell's did not have the Streetwise map of Portland. However, all this lost-getting is helping me learn my way around; maybe I won't need it.

I still have an irrational fear of taking the bus and getting myself horribly lost. ("Tigard? How did I end up here?") I might get a bus pass for August (it's too late for July) because I realized that, although the $86 would not cover the cost of every time I take the bus, it probably WOULD come out in my favor if I factored in the cost of PARKING. Plus the cost of driving itself--at $0.55 a mile, the federal standard. Yes, I should probably get a bus pass and give Stella a break.

Why don't I just buy individual bus tickets? Because I want a MetroCard. They do not have them here. I want a pre-paid card that I can swipe. I don't want to worry about carrying cash. The New York way of doing things is implanted in my brain. I'm sorry. However, Portland does not have MetroCards. Get over it, Jersey Girl.

Anyway, I wanted to list the things I bought at the farmers market, because I plan on blogging about my cooking adventures. Although I am still reading food blogs and cookbooks and plan to try other people's recipes, I'm attempting to maintain a minimalist kitchen while it's still uncertain if I'll have a job in Portland in the fall.

Here's what I got:
Sugar snap peas (end of the season, I think)
End-of-the-season strawberries
Rainier cherries
[I bypassed the beautiful blueberries, raspberries, and marionberries. Dumb.]
Last-chance end-of-the-season ramps
[Do you notice a theme here?]
A large bunch of cilantro
A tiny piece of rhubarb
3 heirloom tomatoes
A small bunch of organic mint (only $1!!!!)
2 yellow summer squash
A bag of "rainbow" new potatoes (white, red, and purple)

I'm also reading a lot. Currently, the book I am reading is On Beauty by Zadie Smith. I read Howard's End last year so it's interesting to note the similarities. I am reading my usual blogs, but have also started reading the archives at I got sucked in fast. Suddenly, I would think, "Ok, I'll get up and eat lunch AFTER I've gotten to the end of this month," or "When I get to the next 'How to Annoy Me,' then I'll go to the grocery store," or "I have to pee but let me at least get to the post where she gets Dooced!" (I have to say, after learning that Asian Database Administrator was her friend AND seeing how, other than using her own full name, she didn't use the company or anyone else's real names, I'm surprised she got fired! Especially without being given the chance to just take down the offensive material. I personally believe that jobs have way too much freedom to interfere with people's personal lives.)

Another blog whose archives I've been reading, though not as avidly right now, is Vespa Vagabond. It's by the same woman who does the Daily Coyote blog, and it hasn't been updated in something like two years. It's a chronicle of her cross-country road trip on a Vespa. You know I love road trip travel writing...

And that's pretty much what's going on. A perfect weekend. The kind where I can sit in my pajamas until 2pm drinking Snob Coffee (we have a French press! I learned how to use it today!) and reading the New York Times online.

More later!

* I have drunken the Portland Kool-Aid. The East Coast might never get me back. You have been warned.

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