Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rejected via CC and My Starchy Love--Two Sunday Stories

Story #1
I have not really written about this, so I will now announce this, once and for all, on my blog. I have been Internet dating. What a shocker. As few as six months ago, I thought this was a horrible fate. Ignoring the fact that many of my friends have met their soul mates or at least their current significant others from dating websites, and the fact that in a world where normal face-to-face contact is becoming rarer and rarer, meeting people online is NORMAL--I just wrote the whole thing off as weird. Or for desperate people who can't meet anyone in real life. Also, I was kind of worried that putting oneself on a dating website is like false advertising if you're me--the men on there would be looking for wives or one-night stands. Neither of which describes what I'm looking to be. I'm not even looking for a soul mate; I'm just looking to get out of the house.
Anyway, disclaimers aside. So shortly after making a profile, I decided this thing was FUN. I'm very sociable. I like to meet people and chat and get out of the house and discover new places and learn new things and even the weirdos I've met, well, that just makes a good story!
So the story today. This morning, I saw in my inbox an e-mail from a man with whom I'd exchanged sporadic e-mails. However, it was not to me. I was merely CC'ed on it, along with two other women. The fourth addressee was the one to whom the greeting was addressed.
It was an e-mail letting her know that he had met someone else and no longer wanted to pursue communication with her. Or, I guess, with the rest of us, since we were CC'ed. But we didn't get our own personal e-mails. Oh, I should mention that, I'm pretty sure one of the CC recipients WAS the girl--the someone else he's met and fallen for. At least, they have the same first name.
How do I know this? Because the e-mail did not merely say, "I've met someone else." It detailed their entire date, plus lots of facts about this wonderwoman, and...well, I don't really know what to say. Except I'm not quite sure I was privy to this much information. And someone else's public rejection. But also my own (and at least one other woman's) rejection...not via e-mail, but via CC. AND! this was not a new e-mail, but a reply to their previous correspondence...meaning that not only did I get this random e-mail addressed to this poor woman, but also, I got forwarded a bunch of e-mails she'd exchanged with this guy. Maybe she wanted those to be private--certainly not shared with strangers! Where are people's boundaries!?!?!
(Clearly, I'm not concerned or hurt--just amazed. And amused.)

* * *

Story #2

For dinner, I ate a cold twice-baked stuffed potato. It was delicious. Heavenly. Maybe this is what happens to women who are single too long but I don't care. I think it's a symptom of road-tripping, too--this acquired taste for cold leftovers of just about everything. And a symptom of working at a place where I frequently felt the need to hide in the public library to eat lunch--therefore I needed to pack cold, portable lunch. (Sorry, previous co-workers to whom I gave this blog address. I am not talking about you. I liked eating lunch with all of you. Sometimes I just wanted to check my e-mail or get some Focus-on-Japan-free space to eat in.) Anyway, I love cold pasta. All of it. Cold potatoes. Yum!
Is this normal?
Why is cold starch so delicious!?
Cold starch with fat....

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