Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oregon To Do List?

I'm going to try to keep track of the things people have told me to do or try before I move somewhere that isn't Portland (whenever that is) and the things that I know I want to do. Places in Oregon and Washington to visit, mostly.

1. Go to Seattle (this is mine)
2. Go to Crater Lake (mine)
3. Go to national parks in Washington like Mount Rainier.
4. Go to museums or something. The Portland Art Museum is free next Sunday, so I'll probably go there.
The rest are other people's recommendations:
5. Go to Bend, OR.
6. Go to Sisters, OR.
7. Go to Burgerville.

Oh, and someone was telling me about a small town's museum that has all kinds of Americana...stuff from the village from the past century or so, and also has an intact Conestoga wagon and an old jail. Actually, I think I might be confusing a couple of museums, here.

Oh I totally forgot that "Go to the Oregon Coast" is on my list and I think I'd like to see the Siskiyou diversity hotbed...though I'm not 100% sure where that is other than "near California."

For some reason, I don't care if I go to actual California or not. Though I have a lot of friends who are currently, or will soon be, in San Francisco, so I certainly have a reason to go there.

This list will be added to and updated throughout the next couple of months (or longer!)
Any suggestions?
So far I've been to Mount Hood, Eugene (sort of), Umpqua National Forest, and various places in Portland. I have eaten at two McMenamin'ses (Kennedy School and a train station in Roseburg) and I've been to Powell's bookstore TWICE. And bought stuff TWICE.

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