Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Look out, it's a field scientist!!!!!

Field work makes my metabolism CRAZY. I've always been kind of a good eater, but all this working outside has made it crazy how much I can eat. I'll come home and just start inhaling food. How did this entire loaf of bread, purchased on Monday, already disappear? Because someone doing field work saw it and metabolized it just by laying eyes on it. It is because of this that, at the places we stop for dinner after long field days, I find I can eat things like...chicken fried steak. Huge portions of it.
And in fact, found myself on multiple occasions this week musing--ALOUD--about the wonders of chicken fried steak. To an audience! In public! To other people! Talking about chicken fried steak!

I once said that "fried" is only one letter away from "friend." Mmm.

Oh, and one of the high school interns today made it clear that she associates Carl's Jr. with me. Sigh...

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