Sunday, July 19, 2009

I want to stay in Portland

I know that moving back to New Jersey will not be a horrible fate. New Jersey is awesome. I'll get to eat Jersey Fresh tomatoes, be within 150 miles of about 90% of my friends, and take trains to a place where they understand the concept of a MetroCard and where museums say "Suggested Donation" and are worth like, a million dollars of donations. I'm talking about my love, the Metropolitan Museum of Art. (I went to the Portland Museum of Art today--it was cool, but not my beloved Met. Though I do love Northwest Native American art.)
Anyway. After two weeks and two days, I think this is a great city. I think this is a great part of the country, too, and I want to really explore it. If I don't find a job at the end of my internship, I think I won't leave right away. I want to travel around this area a bit. I want to see all the national parks in Oregon and Washington. I want to go back to British Columbia even, and I want to go back to Boise. In general, I'd like to see more of Idaho. I want to see the Siskiyou diversity hot spot. I want to go to California, I guess.
So, I hope I can live here a little longer. It's only been two weeks so of course opportunities have not yet presented themselves. Therefore, I'm trying not to panic. Though I daydream about miraculously finding some non-expensive way of enrolling in a program at PSU or OSU (which is kinda far from Portland so maybe not OSU) or finding a job that doesn't suck, or just bumming around letting my savings dwindle...

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