Friday, July 31, 2009

Cooling off

Portland seems to finally be cooling off. I wouldn't say that it's returned to normal, because it's still in the 90's and it's predicted to be in the high 80's for awhile. From what I understand, this is about 10 degrees hotter than normal Portland summer weather. I'm hoping to have more energy and actually cross some things off my to-do list, now that I won't find myself taking huge naps every evening. (The first of the 100+ days, I sat down to look at my shopping list before I went to the store, and woke up an hour later. Yesterday, I put cleaner in the toilet bowl, sat down to read for the ten minutes recommended on the bottle, and woke up two hours later.)

Today is the four-week mark of my move to Portland. I suppose this calls for some kind of "month in review." Really, it means I need to get moving on my "To Write About" list. I have one on a post-it note on my desktop that only covers stuff that's happened in Portland. I have barely written about the road trip that got me here! Sadly, I haven't written much in my paper journal, either, so if I don't watch out, I am going to forget everything.

I'm planning to stay in tonight and work on some of my projects--writing, learning to play guitar (since I insisted on bringing a guitar all the way from NJ EVEN THOUGH I left my scanner, bug net, and embroidery patterns behind! and useful things like tweezers and a second set of sheets!), possibly the sweater I've been knitting for several months now, and sewing some sundresses. I got a sewing machine and fabric last week; every night I did something toward the goal of sewing new dresses, and then this week, with the heat, I fell off the wagon.

I also want to write about some of the stuff I've been making in the kitchen. (Cooking is not an appropriate word.) My goals have lately been to use up what's in the house and keep it somewhat simple. Although I've been buying weird produce so I don't know how simple things are. The problem is--as usual--that even at the farmers market, nothing is sold in portions small enough for a single person. I've told my roommate she can use what she wants of what I've bought, but I don't blame her for not wanting to use any of my purslane or sea beans, because what the hell are those? The sea beans are almost gone--I got them fresh enough to eat uncooked in salads--but I still have a TON of purslane left.

So, dear Internet, help. What can I do with all this purslane? How long is it going to keep? I bought a bunch of it for $2.50 last week and I still have...the hugest bunch of purslane I've ever seen in my life. I've made salads. I've put it on sandwiches (which I don't far.) I cooked it with eggs and potatoes and ramp bulbs and sea beans. What else can I do? Can one make purslane pesto?

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