Monday, June 22, 2009

Moving, Part Two

I forgot to mention a few things in the last post, and now I've forgotten exactly what they are. I think it was something like, if you are moving to take a low-paying job in conservation work, then you have earned the eco-karma to use disposable cups before you move.
Now I remember--I was going to comment on not making yourself nuts trying to give away all usable items you don't want to move. Don't feel guilty throwing things away. Like broken things that can TOTALLY be fixed but you don't have the time. The infrastructure makes it difficult to not fill landfills and sometimes you just gotta give up. You can't take all the world's eco-guilt onto yourself--it's not your fault that there is no place to drop off "fixable broken stuff" for groups to fix or for artists to use in recycled-stuff-art. (There's a nonprofit I would like to see. That, and something like, matching up old coffeemakers that lost their pot to coffeepots that have no makers. Appliances and parts, that kind of thing--so no one has to throw away usable crap.)

I'd like to write on and on some things to get rid of pack rat guilt. Instead, here's some pack rat enabling. You know the magazine and newspaper articles you've been saving, holding onto because you don't want to throw them out? Old letters, brochures, etc?
You can throw them out. But if you REALLY don't want to, use them to pack breakables. I always use junk mail, old class notes, and things like that to wrap up shot glasses, wine glasses, ceramic stuff--just to cushion it. Instead of using junk paper, why not use paper you want to save? Then you can justify saving them and maybe someday, like when breaking up the monotony unpacking, you can read those articles/reread those letters.

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