Friday, May 22, 2009


I haven't written about it explicitly, but I am sure I've let it slip out--in hints or by accident--that I've been very, very unhappy at times throughout the past twelve months. I don't want to say that I've been miserable or that I regret the whole year. I learned a lot from the bad stuff and some good things happened, too. There were definitely happy times.
In December, I really thought I had found my place and that I could stay where I was--job, apartment, all of it--forever. In January, I started getting signs that this was all wrong.
In one of my sad moments, I wrote to someone that I did regret all of it--that right after my 24th birthday, everything went topsy-turvy, good and bad, all kinds of crazy things happened and my life went on the wrong path.

I don't agree with that anymore.

However, I do think that the past thirteen months have been really strange, lots of ups and downs (I wouldn't call it DRAMA--to me, DRAMA is like, someone steals your boyfriend and you make lots of loud phone calls about it not caring that you're in a public place, and write passive aggressive things on Facebook), and lots of things that would make a good story! Maybe not one large cohesive story but lots of good small stories! Interesting dating stories, interesting road trip stories, interesting job stories, interesting jury duty stories...etc etc etc.

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