Friday, May 15, 2009

I am going to make an effort to start writing more...again. Things are changing, which means there are lots of exciting things to write about, and even though I might not think I have time, it's good to sit down and document things.
Someday, I will write the story of how I came to decide to move from Morristown to Portland, OR. But I'm not ready to write that to the Internet world yet.
As far as that's going, I have a temporary job out there. Only a small part of me is worried about what I'm going to do when that job ends. My plan is to stay in Portland at least six months. Why? Well, I think that's a good amount of time to give a place a chance. Also, I have enough money saved to live in Portland for quite some time. Even though it's very risky in some ways, I am kind of glad the job is temporary because then I won't feel trapped. It could be the nicest place in the world, but something about permanence upsets me...and I know that's irrational and not the way most people my age feel.
Anyway, I'm trying to keep a list of things to write about. I have had my Post-It notes on my desktop (the Post-It Notes program, not real pieces of paper) with my to do list and addresses from when I went to Montreal...that's been there since Valentine's Day. Because I have been meaning to write about it. Someday.
Also, I need to write The Tale of Wal-Mart Guy. That just needs to be shared.
Finally, I started writing a bit about my recipe to-do list; the things I was making for myself. I think it contributes to the collaborative nature of the blog world to write about and comment on things I made from food blogs (and books.) I realized tonight, looking at my fridge and my Read Later links list, I have exhausted my recipe to do list! How did that happen? Lately, I've been making Mark Bittman's No Knead Bread (how did I not discover this wonder of recipes earlier in my life!?), different "pizzas", and I made the Seaweed Risotto recipe from, which had been on my list since...I think January. I also bought fiddleheads from Wegman's and made the Fiddlehead Soup recipe in Sheila Lukin's USA Cookbook. It was good, but I think I'd be just as happy to eat fiddleheads blanched, or sauteed. I bet they'd be good with aioli on pizza dough. The Seaweed Risotto was awesome--I would recommend it. Except, do as she says and use nori or another mild seaweed. I used hijiki (half the amount of nori that the recipe calls for) and it was great the first two days, but after sitting in the fridge a third day, the flavor got so strong that it was a bit unpleasant. Well, now I know.
Most of my cooking is going to revolve around what's in season and what I'm trying to use up from my pantry before I move. I think it would be fun to list allllll of the spices I have. I kind of collect them. Some have never been opened.
Anyway, the next post will probably be more interesting than some blahblahblah about food and packing. Stay tuned for .... The Wal-Mart Guy Story. !!!

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