Monday, May 18, 2009

Five things on a Monday

Just to get in the habit of writing, here are five things.

1. I made mujadara from a blog my mom introduced me to. The writer wrote about having something like writer's block, except with cooking. Nothing seemed appealing, etc. For me, I realized that while I loooooove early spring's like, I burn out on it really quickly. I feel like I'm already asparagus'ed out. So it's hard to get inspiration from what's in season. Thus, like the writer of this blog, I retreated to the pantry. Mujadara is just caramelized onions with lentils and rice. I made it using only two pieces of cookware--a small pan to half-cook the lentils in during the last 20 minutes of onions caramelizing, and my cast iron skillet. (After boiling the lentils for 20 minutes, they go, with the uncooked rice, right into the onion pan with a little more water.) So easy, tasty, and filling. I ate some for breakfast.

2. Work was mildly irritating today, but I had a nice day regardless. I forgot my sandwich; a co-worker and I ordered Vietnamese, and sat outside at a picnic table because, although it was cold out, with hot soup, it didn't matter. So, I got to have a picnic. I had to spend a lot of time on a project, rushing to finish it on time because other people did not give me stuff by the deadline I set, but you know what? At least I was busy all day. I wasn't bored. I took a break at one point and hand-wrote some stuff that I will type later, as well as a List of Things to Write About. I have some ideas for short stories and blog posts. For the first time in years, I feel moved to write a short story. Maybe I should repeat that, in bold. For the first time in years, I feel moved to write a short story.

3. Um....already running out of things. Well, I posted a Craigslist ad for my current apartment. Four people have e-mailed me about it. So, I'm going to spend tomorrow making sure the place is sparkling clean and beautiful and homey looking. Show-worthy.

4. I still can't find a place in Portland. It's making me a little nervous.

5. During the past nine months that I've lived in Morristown, I've been learning all the roads and shortcuts and less trafficky long-cuts to get places. I've noticed that I take these new-to-me routes all the time...even when it's not rush hour but the middle of the night, and it would be much faster to take a main road or to drive through the center of town. (The thing is, the center of Morristown is this horrible traffic-circle-gone-wrong. It encircles a very nice park called "The Green." The goal is to Avoid The Green. I have a suspicion that the reason I take these new routes is not to avoid traffic, not because they are scenic, and not because I am weird habit-forming creature. I think it's because I associate them with the first few months I lived in Morristown, when I was absolutely miserable. I've also come up with a theory that my confusing, convoluted sadness had something to do with the fact that my old life ended broken. I didn't have proper closure. Everything ended badly. I left my beloved apartment a mess, not talking to one of my housemates (though this was never agreed upon, it was silently understood. Side note: we talk now)....I'm sure there were other things. Oh, there was some boy drama. More than one level of boy drama. Ahem.

So far, things here seem to be getting better ever since I decided to leave. Yet, there are still signs that seem to tell me I should leave, that I'm doing the right thing. And if not...then I come back to New Jersey.

For example, one day, I was wondering about my decision, and as I was considering staying in New Jersey, I heard a loud CRACK! A beautiful dogwood tree in full bloom collapsed in the forest next to me. No one saw it but me.

Anyway, I think maybe it's better that this happens--that I leave Morristown on a happy note.

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