Saturday, May 23, 2009

Crap I Have To Do Between Now and June 28th

1. Bridesmaid Stuff
2. Wrapping Up Stuff at Work/Going to Work at Job I Am Leaving on June 12th
3. Find a place to move into on July 2nd or so from 2,900 miles away
4. Finding someone to move into my place in NJ
5. Packing/sorting what to keep, put in storage, give away, or take with me to Oregon
6. I forgot what I was going to write here - I think it had to do with making sure the car, myself, and my traveling companion are ready to drive from NJ to OR.
7. General stuff I always have to do--maintain a clean house, have not-junky lunches and dinners to eat, figure out what to wear to work, do laundry, water my plants

What ever made me think life after college was less busy?

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