Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Chocolate Cake War

OK, it's not that violent or heated.

My mother has a great chocolate cake recipe. It's her favorite cake ever. Sometimes she makes it every week. (This probably means she has a lot of sour milk to use up. Sometimes we will make the cake just because we don't want to have to throw out old milk.) It's a simple yet delicious chocolate cake. It's easy to make, we bake it in a Pyrex and eat it out of that same Pyrex all week--we like it better than most fancy cakes. It's called Wilma's Chocolate Cake. For more than twenty years I thought it was my grandmother Wilma's recipe, but no--it's ANOTHER Pennsylvanian Wilma's recipe, some lady my grandmother (French grandmother--the one who is not Wilma) knew when my mom was a little girl. I've tried to alter the recipe a little, using whole wheat flour, adding different flavorings, and once, to my mother's dismay, my friend Patrick and I added hot sauce. (It was good!)

A few days ago, I discovered Heidi Swanson's basic chocolate cake recipe, which uses natural ingredients. Her description (a simple delicious cake that you bake in the same Pyrex you serve it in) sounded exactly like Wilma's Chocolate Cake. So, for Easter, in addition to a flourless chocolate cake (my mom) and a flourless orange cake (me), my mom and I have each made a basic chocolate cake. She made Wilma's recipe and I made Heidi's. We are going to have a contest to see which one is better--the white flour version or the "healthy" version.

(I suspect in the end I will be combining both recipes to make a less-processed-ingredients version of Wilma's Chocolate Cake. Wilma's cake updated for the 21st century.)

I'll post the results of the Cake War tonight...

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