Monday, February 09, 2009

Sometimes when I listen to the radio

Sometimes, when I listen to NPR on the way to work or wherever I am going, I catch the Depressing News Report. Sometimes it's a recent topic--like the wildfires in Australia--and sometimes it's a report about something not particularly new, an ongoing horror like rape in wartorn parts of Africa or schoolgirls in Afghanistan being harassed and assaulted. Today it was the wildfires on the way to court, and then on the way home, it was something about a beheading--I don't really know because I turned off the radio. This morning, I couldn't turn off the wildfire report no matter how upsetting it was; it made me feel guilty to just ignore the story.
Sometimes, when I hear these things, I think What am I doing? I know I can't save the world, nor do I have a responsibility to do so--not more than anyone else--but this is what I think, how I feel, when I listen to the news on the radio.

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