Saturday, February 21, 2009

No more jury duty

It's over! Which means I can blog about my life again.
I was on jury duty for seven weeks. The first working week after the New Year's holiday, I was in the courthouse. So, I've pretty much spent all of 2009 on jury duty. When this trial began, I still had my Christmas tree up. It is almost March.
Now I can write (selectively of course) about the past two months. I'm not going to write about the trial, because I don't think that's very nice. Also, I spent seven weeks as a spectator to other people's lives. I miss my own life.
But I can now say that it was a big case, one that got a lot of publicity. Not being able to talk about it for seven weeks was torture--not necessarily wanting to talk about it, but worrying that OTHER people were going to start talking about what they had read in the paper.
But now things will go back to normal...sort of.
Things that had nothing to do with the actual case, but just the fact of being removed from my routine, made me see a lot of things. So I don't think "normal" will be what it was before. After observing other people's lives for so long, I want to return to my own life as less of an observer, more of a participant, and take more control.

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