Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I knit wrong!

I have been twisting my stitches for THREE YEARS AND I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT!!!!!
That is why it is good to go to a Stitch and Bitch. I bet all my friends who learned how to knit because of me knit properly or oh God--I've inspired an army of twisty knitters.
I suspect it won't be too frustrating to learn to knit the right way. Apparently it doesn't matter in most patterns; however, it messes up my gauge (this explains SO MUCH) and I have a sneaking suspicion that this twisted stitches thing is the reason that:
1) My Argosy scarf rolls so much
2) My Odessa hat looked SO UGLY that it inspired me to quit knitting for like, six months
3) It rained on my picnic birthday party

My situation is not uncommon. Twentysomething, move to a new town, working a lot and not a lot of time to meet new people, and for all intents and purposes, newly single (and that's all I'm going to say about that.) Eventually, I realized that, were I to blog extensively about my life, it might resemble the very beginning archives of Crazy Aunt Purl. Starting over, blah blah blah. And what did she do? She joined a Stitch and Bitch!

I suspect this was a good idea because not only was it nice to get out and meet people, but it's a way to get help with my knitting. Eventually I'll re-tackle the Odessa hat without wanting to throw it out a window. Oh, it was also a good thing to do because the place is only 20 minutes away, but it's in normal civilization with things like Target and Best Buy and HomeGoods (who would have thought I would miss big box stores?) so I can do some shopping while I'm out that way. Teavana is nearby. ALSO it is exactly equidistant between my new home and my old home (New Life and Old Life) and therefore, a convenient meeting place. I have a lot of friends who live near there, too. We can all get after-work dinner or something.
It's funny because people were saying, oh wow, you had to travel to get here, oh wow. I was mildly confused and then realized, oh I guess so. First of all, I crossed the North-Central Jersey Line and the Morris/Somerset County Line (which is probably five minutes from my house, but still! artificial boundaries!) But where I grew up, you could drive 20 minutes and NOT HAVE LEFT TOWN. 20 minutes is nothing. In fact, it's nice to have a place to drive once in awhile (my commute is 2.7 trafficky miles.) Me, Stella (the car), some music, and something vaguely reminiscent of the open road of my June trip.
My next project involves DPNs; I'll see if DPNs and re-learning how to knit are a bad combination or what.

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