Friday, November 07, 2008

Amendment to my last post

I should have been more clear--most of the people in my class didn't just write "2" for the ethnic and religious groups. Most people wrote "3" and higher, meaning they wouldn't even want to be close friends with someone of a different race. Aahhhh!
I'm still really disgusted by Proposition 8 and everything else like it. But I am tired of writing about it. So I'm going to write about something light and funny. I've had notes for almost a month now about this ridiculous week I had.
And, the blog title--my big hair has reached new heights of late. I want to get it cut. Blah.
Oh, and here's a crazy news story. The comments are the worst. I need to stop reading blog comments. Good thing my blog doesn't get any!
This is sort of the area of NJ in which I grew up. Sigh...

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