Friday, October 24, 2008

Me, Me, Me

Look! Here I am!

I am here, too, but I don't think it says my name, just mentions the poster.
It's exciting to see my name on these things. It still sort of feels unreal. It's hard to imagine that the sum of me going to the herbarium after work on Fridays and staying there until it got dark and creepy and I was feeling woozy from all the ancient preserving chemicals, and rushing around looking for data and saying things like, "I am SO behind on ballast plants", hours spent on weekend nights with endless mugs of tea listening to Pandora QuickMix and entering's hard to believe that something good and really scientific came out of that. There was my poster, up there across from something abstruse about sunflower DNA (which probably also involved a lot of hours of, "Oops, I should probably go to the lab now" and "Ah crap, I forgot I have to do something with the sunflowers!")

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