Tuesday, September 02, 2008

My new home

I think I intended to write a "Last Post from Suydam Street," but never got around to it. Oh well!
So this is the first post from Chestnut Street. I moved in two days ago. Yesterday I went for a big walk around town, but of course everything was closed between 6 and 7 PM on Labor Day.
The contents of my apartment are currently in boxes or scattered all over the place. I don't even know where to begin organizing.
However, enough decorative elements are in place that my apartment already looks cute. It's not too far from looking like a home. Except for the empty part. I'm sure I will like living alone, but it's hard to get used to after living in a crowded house in a crowded, loud neighborhood.
It's loud here, too, but in a different way. The first two nights I had some trouble sleeping, partly because I was woken up by LOUD nature noises. I at first thought, "Wow, it's LOUD here," and then realized that Suydam Street, being the street that emergency vehicles regularly speed down, certainly had its own brand of loud. There were bugs and right now there are birds, there were mysterious scratching noises, and last night I got woken up by VERY LOUD CHIRPING outside my window. Maybe it was a bat.
There have also been people noises. This may have been a holiday weekend thing. Last night I was woken up by very loud knocking and someone telling someone to open the door. It sounded like it was close enough to be coming from my own front door, but that could have been the amplification of the half-awake-dreamlike state, and in that state I thought, "What could they possibly want? Well, I am sleeping! so they can knock till their arms fall off!" and attempted to go back to sleep.
I wonder what kind of funny stories will come out of this place.
I was torn today between visiting one of my friends (I was hoping she could come HERE so I would feel like this place has PEOPLE in it--friend karma or something) and taking care of some house-stuff, as well as going for a walk, bumming around town when things were actually open, and maybe checking out the library. When my friend called to cancel, I was thinking, "Oh, now I can check out the town!" but also felt a comical urge to burst into tears, at the prospect of being left alone, in the middle of Wal-mart...where I was buying sponges so that I can finally wash dishes.
I'm afraid that what with the living out of boxes and all, the place will quickly become squalid. I am determined not to live in squalor!
Finally, the feature of this new home that seems to have the most potential for stories--there is a boarding house across the street about which I have been warned by everyone I've encountered in the neighborhood, including the tenant who preceded me here. In fact, when I heard all that knocking and noise last week, I thought, "Oh, it's probably the shady people across the street," and dismissed it, instead of thinking, "Shady people yelling are something to worry about at 2 AM."
Anyway, I came home from work and shopping and noticed someone was parked not just on the street in front of the house, but in the little indentation that appears to be a parking spot that I have designated as Just For Sarah. I thought that was strange.
Then, sitting on the couch with a view of everything in front of the house, I noticed that, up the hill in the yard of the "shady" boarding house, was a random fire in a pit or something. I finally saw a person, walking up the hill--I guess he noticed a person staring from the house, so he kind of looked at me, then kept going and I thought, "Ooh! maybe I'll figure out why there's a fire there!" But he kept on going as though there were no fire.

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