Monday, July 07, 2008

Why did I buy swiss chard?

Sometimes I think and act as though all of my life's problems, all of my own personal flaws, can be summed up by the fact that sometimes I overbuy groceries and don't get to use them up before they go bad. I imagine that this shows I am thoughtless, irrational, greedy, wasteful, and most of all, I make bad unwise my produce choices exhibit.
First of all, probably everyone buys groceries that go bad before they can be used. And I finally realized that my situation is a tad special; our fridge is messed up and sometimes gets this weird leaky problem and leaks water all over the place, ruining leafy greens and turning cheese to mold, and sometimes that water freezes and things that should never be frozen, like eggs, become unpalatable and therefore, trash.
I spent a good part of one of the rainy days this weekend reading recipes and filing away in my head the ones I wanted to try soon. Of course I do not remember them that clearly. I don't know if ANY of them included swiss chard, but the point is, I got to the farmers market on Saturday and decided of all things there, I needed to buy swiss chard. And now I don't know what I wanted to do with it. I need to use it soon, to save it from a fridge-watery death, but it's too hot to cook! I'll probably make an omelet or fritatta .... now I forgot how to spell fritata...frittatttaaa????
Anyway, I'm out of school yet still have a miles-long to do list...which is OK. There's stress but somehow it seems more manageable, less like this giant weight about to drop from the dark clouds hanging over my head. Today, at lunch, I tried to see what things on my to do list could be accomplished on my lunch break, and realized even my to do list was unmanageable, incomprehensible. So I wrote on it #37 - First thing to do - re-write and re-organize to do list.
Perhaps it is a bad sign, either about your life or about your crazy personality, when your to do list includes an item ABOUT THE TO DO LIST ITSELF.

Still, it's summer! The invasive yet lovely honeysuckle is perfuming the air, even on the highways, and you can actually find swiss chard at farmers markets--you can actually find farmers markets!--and even though it's so humid my hair won't dry and the album covers and record sleeves are all damp, even the printer paper is's sunny and beautiful and things are growing. !!!!

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