Sunday, July 06, 2008

I have a million things to blog about

But not a lot of time. I have some draft posts saved in my actual blogger account, in fragments of emails to myself, written out in a paper journal, and ... of course, sensibly scrawled on post-it notes.
I've been meaning to write since mid-May about some plants in the office that my job is to dust, and how I have developed a fondness for these plants. I was feeling kinda crappy in mid-May, so I have been pondering, since then, if the fondness for these plants came from Mid May Crazies or is genuine.
It's summer, so it's the season for me to chronicle my Bad Gardening. Except I was hired as something with "horticulture" and "specialist" in the title, so maybe I should stop publicizing my Bad Gardening. In truth, I am probably not a bad gardener. For one thing, I can identify arthropod pests and diagnose problems and recommend treatment...I AM kind of certified in it...but my houseplants and vegetable gardens have always been miserable failures. I argue, however, that this is not my fault. I have always been cursed with terrible gardening conditions. When I moved into my current apartment, which has a deer-free, sunny yard, I got some things that were not weeds to grow. Though perhaps I only remembered to water them because I thought there were cute guys in the neighborhood and used anything as a possible excuse to parade around outside in a miniskirt...anyway...
So I made it back from the road safely. We saw twenty-six states in a four-week period, twenty-five of them in twenty-five days. I've now seen thirty-seven of the states, plus one Canadian province. And I'm going to Vancouver (the Canadian one) at the end of the month. My goal is to see the eleven continental states I've missed by 2010. Alaska and Hawaii, though high on my list, can wait. The states I have yet to see are:
North Dakota

And I'd like to go back to some of the states I've already seen, of course. Especially those I only drove through in the middle of the night (Washington, Idaho) or only saw very little of (Texas, California, Mississippi).

I'm still getting adjusted from coming back from the trip, as I have a lot to worry think about. I have a research poster to get ready for Vancouver. I have to get myself ready for Vancouver--book a hostel or something, get some Canadian money, pack, etc. I have to get myself ready to move out of my current apartment and that means, something I've been dreading--finding a new apartment. Ugggghhhhh. I worry that I'll find nothing appropriate or affordable, or the only affordable places I'll find will be in Wastelands of North Jersey Where Only Old People and Families Live. Or I'll have to move in with my grandmere. Or my parents. Or the tent village of homeless people that is supposedly near where I work. Just kidding. At least I'd save money on gas!

I can't think of anything else to write at the moment; plus I have a lot to do today. Expect updates periodically, especially about things like bad gardening and dust-collecting plants that I love.

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