Saturday, May 03, 2008

More nerding

I am writing as I take a break from endless work. Today I worked for seven hours at the plant sale at my new job. It was really fun, though towards the end I was like homework homework panic panic. I'm just trying to remind myself - there's a slim chance that I won't graduate...EVERY SEMESTER FOR SIX YEARS at the end I've thought "Right now I'm at the point where I'll either do an awesome job on everything, or not get it done at all and fail my classes" and the latter NEVER HAPPENS but it always seems like a possibility...and then the stress is crippling and causes me to get less done...
Anyway, I keep trying to remind myself that I WILL graduate, that if I get crummy grades just this one semester, the Plant Science department will not take away from me the academic achievement award they gave me, and I will get into SOME graduate school, on that day when I am ready to apply. And then Mary will be here on the 14th, and then we'll drive across the country, and then I'll be at work at my cool plant-related job and then I'll move into a less-ghetto apartment and then I can stop stressing about everything!!!!!
Anyway, I was thinking today that there are a lot of characters in my life and I've been meeting really quirky people at work, and even though I think of these things as complimentary, I shouldn't blog about them because they might not find it complimentary. Like, on Thursday there was this really cool elderly woman in the library which is my office, talking to me about various plants, and I was really impressed because she seemed very alert and interested in life and then when she was leaving she WALKED UP THE STAIRS instead of taking the elevator like most people. Today this one very endearing, nice, funny lady was, among other endearing things, eating the kale that was put out as garnish on our sandwich platter.
I bought 11 herbs. That is not including what I got last week at the Cook College Ag Field Day plant sales. I now own two basil plants, several tomatoes, several fennel, several lavender. I got epazote even though it smells like gasoline - why the heck did I buy this? I was intrigued and could see, somehow, how that bad smelling plant could really improve a pot of beans! When I have time and can break from Academic Hell, I will post pictures of my newly-acquired plants and also go to thrift and garage sales to get containers to put the things in. I hope that they survive while I am off driving around the country for four weeks. I hope they survive the neglect they will surely be victims of during the next week or so when I am struggling to finish final projects.
I got:
(last week)
Thai basil
Hot Pepper mix
Lemon Boy tomatoes (which are indeterminate...whoops! not suitable for container gardening! well they were free!)
Rutgers tomatoes
(this week)
Rosemary 'Salem'
Lime Thyme
Purple Sage
Cilantro (some kind of finely dissected leaf variety that's more ornamental then the normal kind and less strong of a smell and flavor but still really good- I've already eaten some!)
Vietnamese Coriander
Mexican Tarragon (I never use
African Blue Basil
Pineapple Sage (impulse buy...I will probably NOT cook with it but this lady was talking about how pretty its red flowers are and I was like MUST BUY)
Sorrel (I don't know...I wanted to try it)
Fernleaf Dill

Plus I already had some crassulas and a very small Brazilian Firecracker plant, and will probably be inheriting more plants my job doesn't want throughout the summer. Right now I'm nursing four Maidenhair Ferns. AAHHHH!!!!! I need to stop acquiring plants RIGHT NOW.

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