Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ALSO - boozey ice cream

It's not even frozen yet but I can tell it's good already, so I'm posting my praises for this recipe. Nigella Lawson's No Churn Margarita Ice Cream.
I had no idea what to make for my friend's Welcome to America (Again) Dinner, and I was thinking "What's in the fridge besides artichokes, which she doesn't like, and olives, which she doesn't like, and yogurt and fifty kinds of fancy cheese and of course, ketchup and a block of tamarind?" There's a package of Trader Joe's chicken chorizo in the freezer, so from there, I'm making tacos. With horribly out of season produce--tomatoes, corn, etc. I bought mesclun salad mix because I hate iceberg lettuce, hope it's not disgusting with tacos! I'm going to make guacamole and refried beans (the pinto beans are soaking in the microwave...uh...cause the stupid mice have found a way to get on our table now...right now!)
So a week ago, when I was in that germ-induced fog, I bought a thing of heavy cream to make ice cream, having no clear plans to make ice cream in the near future. I was thinking it would be nice to have homemade ice cream when Mary is here. But what kind? I was in a creative rut.
So yesterday morning, I Googled "No Churn Ice Cream." Of course five billion hits came up for Nigella Lawson's No Churn Pomegranate Ice Cream. But I've made that already! And pomegranates aren't in season anyway!
Then, on page two or three of the Google search, was this lone little Food Network link for Margarita Ice Cream. Ooh! That will go with Mexican food. And it's ALSO from Nigella Lawson, a trusted source of interesting no churn ice cream flavors.
Isn't that PERFECT?

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