Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pop culture in Sussex County

GREG: Mur, there's a war movie coming out that I think you might like--
MURIEL: No! I HATE war movies!
GREG: No, no, no. I think you'll like this. It's got Ben Stiller in it!
GREG (begins describing): It starts out, and you hear music from the ' know...and you think it's another war protest movie--
MURIEL (with skepticism): Uh huh.
GREG (laughing): --and then you see, in this Rambo gear, Ben Stiller! And--
MURIEL (with exasperation): GREG!
MURIEL produces a long, extended sigh.
MURIEL: Ben. Stein.
GREG and SARAH (unison): What!?
MURIEL: Ben Stein. Not Stiller.
GREG: No. Ben Stein is the one who--
SARAH: You know who Ben Stiller is! Ben Stein know, win his money--
GREG: Ben Stein is the real boring one--
SARAH: The eye drops commercials--
MURIEL: Oh, right. That's Ben Stein. Ben Stiller, isn't he really old?
SARAH: Ben Stiller, you know...the movies you like! Meet the Parents--
GREG: No Muriel, that's JERRY Stiller!
MURIEL looks perplexed.
SARAH (walking away): Something About Mary...
GREG: Meet the Fockers!
MURIEL looks puzzled, remains silent, with an expression of extreme concentration on her face.
GREG: Zoolander...
MURIEL: OH! Zoolander! My favorite!

(All weekend, my mother has been saying, "You're writing about us, aren't you? Greg, we're going to end up a novel!")

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Oilbird said...

first of all, this is hilarious.
all parents, once they reach a certain age/ attain a certain year in marriage act like this.

and if they don't want to be in a novel (which why wouldn't they - it would be an honor) they shouldn't act crazy haha.