Sunday, April 06, 2008

Happy Birthday Weekend to Me

My real birthday is on Wednesday. But this was the appropriate weekend to have a party!!!!!
The party was fun. I got a lot of nice presents! I wasn't expecting presents, really, and that was nice. It wasn't just nice stuff, it was all thoughtful stuff. Also the party was fun and 99% drama free, so that was great. What I really wanted for my birthday was everyone to have fun, no one to throw up, and no one to fight or leave crying. I think it was successful with respect to these things.
All I have done today is the minimum homework (something that was due today), eaten breakfast, eaten more food approximately an hour later, talked on the phone to my mom, and...that's pretty much it. I guess one is allowed to be lazy on their birthday weekend.
I would also like to share that I think we found the magic hangover preventative. Not that I drank enough to get a hangover. Goodness no. Actually, I was smart at this party. But someone else who drank a lot had some iced hibiscus tea with me towards the end of the night, and both of us are FINE this morning. Just tired from not sleeping enough.
Also, there is a ton of food in my house. A TON. It was more of a potluck of people bringing lots of food than actually consuming it. That's a nice thing, though--everyone was generous and sharing and nice.
I need to plan for my trip, but I'm so busy !!!! pretty much up to the minute of the trip. So I think I'm going to make a Google Document with things I want to remember to do before/bring with me on/see while I'm on the road trip. Also things to do to prepare for Mary's arrival--such as get a mattress or something for her to sleep on. In my dream world I would fix up our room-sized closet as a guest room, but I believe we truly have too much junk in there. Maybe if I agressively clean...
So, these are some things I want to see on our road trip:
1) Sunset in Nebraska -- I hear that there are "spectacular" sunsets in Nebraska
2) Redwoods
3) the old bristlecone pine trees
4) some kitschy funny things -- fill this in later
5) the Everglades, maybe
6) also stop in Homestead at Robert is Here and buy lots of interesting jams and honeys and salsas etc and lots of tropical fruit to eat in the car
7) Mary wants to go to Paterson, so we should go to Paterson Falls because I've never been there
8) The Grand Canyon
9) Las Vegas, and the parks surrounding it
10) My cousin in St. Louis
11) This is a maybe. My relatives in Tennessee. My dad's immediate family is a small New Jersey branch of the family which is based in Tennessee. It might be interesting to meet the family members, or at the very least see where the family is from. I'd have to see, of course, how much they want to meet their city-folk half-French cousin and her foreign guest (well, at least she's fairly WASPy.)

What else should we see?

In other news, my room is clean!

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