Sunday, February 24, 2008

February 24

As I was, between alarms, fighting to wake up this morning, I had a lengthy and complicated dream that I was in Hell, and it was actually a suburban housing development.

It fluctuated between being McMansions and being small, ugly aluminum-sided boxy houses) with a dry, dead garden that I was supposed to tend and the sky was always gray. The cloud cover was dense so that everywhere was just dark enough that it was hard to see. I felt like my eyes were never going to adjust.
I had gotten to Hell because I was driving from North Jersey to my house in New Brunswick in an SUV and had taken a wrong turn.

I think my parents were there. The days were filled with mindless work. One of my friends was there, and it kept changing if she was supposed to be EC (friend from high school), JS (roommate from My First Undergraduate Life, or AZPlants (roommate now.)

Everyone had a dim idea that they could somehow escape, get out and go back to their life in the real world. My friend wanted to stay her time, because she felt it wasn't virtuous to leave early. I insisted that we hadn't done anything wrong, that we didn't really deserve to go to Hell because we had lied and said we were sick one too many times, to get out of going to work or to skip class or miss homework. (Yes, that's what we were in hell for.)

What does it all mean!?!?!??!

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Elena said...

ha. i had a dream that G was a serial killer, and would cut up bodies and send them to people in the form of steak, like one of those mail order fruit of the month things only with STEAK. human body steak.
last night i dreamed i moved in with a colleague of mine (which would never happen because she lives with her husband and i am never leaving here) and that a creepy man in sunglasses was watching us through the windows all the time.
bleh. i never remember good dreams (if I even have them). only the scary ones.